Honey Sriracha Duck Legs

Honey Sriracha Duck Legs Recipe



Salt the legs well and arrange them skin side up in one layer in a roasting pan or sheet pan. Put in the oven and set it to 400 degrees. Don’t preheat the oven. You want the temperature to come up gradually so some of the fat renders and moistens the bottom of the pan, so the legs wont stick. 

Roast until tender, about 1hr.

Meanwhile, mix remaining ingredients together in a small pot and warm just enough to incorporate honey.

When legs are tender, take them out, but keep the oven on. Gently put legs in a large bowl. Pour sauce over them. Carefully toss to combine, then place back on the baking sheet, skin side up and return to the oven. Keep close eye on the wings. When you start to see a little bit of char on the sauce, pull them out and serve!

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