Our Ducks

Today’s discerning consumers demand products that meet high standards for quality, taste and responsibility. Culver Duck’s goal is to produce a White Pekin Duck that meets and exceeds those expectations. From egg to fully grown duck to your dinner table, everything happens at our facilities in Middlebury, IN to produce a clean and wholesome duck in accordance with all USDA and BRC food safety standards. Our strict standards make the difference between our duck and other duck products available in the market.

With Culver, you can have confidence that you are supporting a company committed to family farms, high animal welfare standards, food safety, and honest labeling.

Culver Duck Farms, Inc. continuously strives to improve the welfare of our animals through a third party verified program of research and development designed to enhance our production practices, facility designs, and animal handling.

Any team Member or Contract Producer of the Company is bound to uphold the animal welfare standards of the company when handling our live ducks at any level. We believe in and take very serious our “Zero-Tolerance Policy”. Our animal welfare program is based on the “Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare”. Animals have good welfare when their physical, emotional and behavioral needs are met.

From Egg to TableDinner Plate

In keeping in line with our Company’s Core Values, there is no way of ducking the process of raising and feeding our ducks to ensure we exceed “Industry Standards” including the highest regards to animal welfare. It starts with our pedigree and genetics program, breeder operation, hatchery operation and meat duck grow out farms, then continues on to our processing facility. We take a proactive and preventive approach to ensure you always experience a safe product with outstanding quality and taste from egg to plate.