Duck Prosciutto Recipe


  • Duck breasts Add to Cart »
  • 2-3 cups kosher salt
  • 2/3 cups sugar (granulated or brown)
  • Spices - whatever you want! Star anise, grains of paradise, black peppercorns, coriander, red pepper flakes, five spice, bay leaf, lemon rind, fennel seed, rosemary, etc.


• Toast off all spices
• Blitz spices, salt, and sugar in food processor (spices on the bottom) until everything is evenly distributed
• Rinse duck and pat dry
• Note the poundage of the duck
• Put a layer of cure mixture on bottom of your container
• Place patted down dry duck on top of cure layer, fat side up
• Cover evenly with remaining cure mixture (make sure fully buried)

• Cover container and let sit for two days in the fridge*. Flip the duck each day and make sure fully covered
• After two days, remove duck from cure mixture. Wipe off excess spice and salt, then give duck a quick rinse
• Pat it down dry – SUPER DRY – to make sure all excess moisture is removed

• Roll the duck lengthwise from one end to the other end**
• Roll the duck up in cheesecloth
• Tie one end off with cooking twine and continue to truss all the way to the other end
• Hang in the fridge for two weeks, or until the poundage is reduced by 30%***

• Check for mold. White mold is generally fine, and you can brush it off. But discard duck if any other color mold is present
• You can store the duck in the fridge for several weeks or more. To prevent further drying, tightly wrap the duck until ready to use
• Thinly slice and serve. Enjoy

*Potentially longer, depending on humidity and how full the fridge is. When the texture is firm, it is ready to be removed from the salt
**This step is not necessary, but circular medallions of duck prosciutto make for a pretty presentation
*** Potentially longer, depending on humidity and how full the fridge is. General rule is that the duck prosciutto is ready when the poundage is reduced by 30%
Recipe inspired by Matt Broussard

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