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Is your duck gluten free?2021-01-26T21:08:24-05:00

Yes, our duck is gluten free.

What breed of duck is Culver?2021-01-26T21:24:11-05:00

Culver Duck raises the White Pekin breed. The most popular breed in North America, this duck’s meat is known for its mild tasting flavor. This is an all white duck that cannot fly. Some other breeds of ducks found in North America are Muscovy, Moulard, and Mallard.

Do you use antibiotics?2021-03-17T06:19:30-04:00

No antibiotics are ever injected into our eggs, administered to our ducklings, or added to the feed or water consumed by our ducks. Our Culver Live Operations Team and our producers safeguard the health of our ducks by assuring that they have plenty of nutritious feed, water, comfortable housing and abundant care.

Do your products contain GMO’s?2022-03-08T09:21:07-05:00

Technically, our single ingredient duck products do not contain any GMOs. There is a misguided perception concerning meat production and feed containing GMO’s. Many people believe that animals that are fed a diet that contains GMO grains as an ingredient, will in turn create meat that will contain GMO’s. That is far from the truth and supported by scientific studies.
*“…the DNA from GMO animal food does not make it into the meat, eggs, or milk from the animal. Research shows that foods like eggs, dairy products, and meat that come from animals that eat GMO food are equal in nutritional value, safety, and quality to foods made from animals that eat only non-GMO food.” Source

Are your ducks humanely raised and handled?2021-01-26T21:03:05-05:00

Yes. All Culver ducks are raised and handled according to the strict internal guidelines established by Culver Duck Farms, Inc. Our hatchery, producer farms, live haul operation and slaughter facility are all certified humane by an independent humane auditing group. Our Live Operations and a member of the company leadership team have all been trained and certified in humane handling. One of Culver’s requirements is that all of the family farmers, as well as anyone who handles live ducks, have been trained in humane live bird handling. Care is monitored regularly by members of the Culver Live Operations Team. In addition, Culver has an auditor on staff that operates independently of the Live Operations and audits every farm at least once a year.

What do you feed your ducks?2023-02-05T10:44:49-05:00

Our ducks are fed a simple nutritious diet consisting of Corn, Soy, Wheat, Vitamins and Minerals. At Culver Duck it’s all about raising and feeding our ducks the right way, the natural way. You’ll NEVER find fishmeal, medicinal growth stimulants, antibiotics, hormones, or additives containing arsenic or arsenic compounds in the feed or water that we give our ducks.

Do you use growth hormones?2021-01-26T21:08:07-05:00

Ducks produced or sold in the United States contain no added or artificial hormones. However, because so many people mistakenly believe hormones are used, most duck companies continue to include the term – “no hormones”. When using the term on packaging, the USDA requires all poultry companies to use the adjoining phrase: “Federal regulations do not permit the use of hormones in poultry.”


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